My Quest for Excellence WORKBOOK

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You've read the book.You've been inspired. amazed. challenged. Now you want to be TRANSFORMED.

My Quest for Excellence Workbook will take you from inspiration to practical application of the principles featured in Dr. Clifford Daugherty's landmark book, Quest for Excellence, and its sequel, The Quest Continues. Explore the Twenty Indispensable Principles through six lessons with thought-provoking questions, including space for personal reflections and action plans. Each lesson covers aspects of excellence and the principles involved in "living a supernatural life naturally," including: 

  • Get a Heart Transplant
  • Walk in the Light, Think Big
  • Expect Confirmation
  • Pay the Price
  • Forget Plan B
  • Keep the Faith
  • Duke It Out
  • Tap Great Talent, and 
  • Aim for the Stars
Designed for use as a road map by individuals, groups, or book clubs, this guide will enable readers to chart a course for pursuing their own personal Quests for Excellence.